proffering workable solutions to problems arising

Conference where stakeholders and professionals from different sectors come together to discuss and proffer solutions with measurable impact.

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Why melting pot?

Melting Pot is an initiative of Eridan Group

Melting Pot is designed to bring together stakeholders and professionals from different sectors of the economy to discuss and proffer workable solutions to for the growth of the nation, Nigeria.

  • Vision

    To proffer workable solutions to existing national problems.

  • Mission

    To create programs that facilitate significant conversations and resultant actions that lead to measurable societal impact.

Melting Pot

The Reimagine Education Conference: The Rise of Homeschooling & Alternative Models of Learning.

Every now and then, mankind comes to great watershed moments. After the pandemic of 2020 there was a rude awakening as it exposed the critical frailties of our underperforming educational system among others.
Questions that once brewed under the surface have spilled over and we have had to grapple with them in understanding how prepared we are for the new normal. In the course of seeking answers to these questions, we discovered outliers who have been living out some of these innovative approaches to education that would most likely be mainstream within the next decade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of Melting Pot events will be virtual while some will be on-site. Each event venue will be communicated duly.

Our events hold once a year.

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